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About the clinic


The skin begins to show the first signs of aging around the age of 30. At this point, the number of blood vessels starts to decrease, and there is a reduction in the amount of connective tissue, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. This results in the skin becoming thinner, less vibrant, less elastic, and drier. Additionally, the effects of (excessive) sun exposure become evident. A dermatologist can provide precise guidance on how to slow down this process or address existing signs of aging.

Expertise, Safety & Precision

At Willeke Kamphof, you are in capable and safe hands. Knowledge and careful consideration are the foundations of her practice. You can rely on her for straightforward advice that always considers each individual’s unique characteristics. Together, you’ll have a thorough conversation about your desires and the array of options available. All of the treatments are designed to enhance your unique strengths, ultimately aiming to improve your overall appearance and well-being.

In addition to injectable treatments, Willeke Kamphof offers cutting-edge skin rejuvenation procedures using the Ultraformer III, Forever Young BBL, Collagen Induction Therapy, PRP (including hair growth stimulation), medical-grade creams, and PlexR Soft Surgery. To achieve a balanced and harmonious appearance, the most effective approach often involves combining various treatments.

Meet Willeke Kamphof, your aesthetic dermatologist

I’m Willeke Kamphof, a dermatologist with over a decade of experience in various hospitals. My practice has covered a wide range of conditions, from eczema and acne to skin cancer and varicose veins.

In 2011, I embarked on my journey into cosmetic treatments, blending the art of aesthetics with my medical expertise. While I still appreciate the intrigue of general dermatology, I’ve found my true calling in dedicating quality time to each patient’s unique needs. This personal touch sets my practice apart, allowing me to attentively listen and thoroughly discuss your desires, which is often limited in a hospital setting.

My services extend beyond injectables to include skin consultations and treatments for concerns like moles, hair loss, sun damage, acne, and rosacea (couperose with inflammation). I’m here to address all your skin-related questions and offer expert advice tailored to your individual needs.

1992 Studie geneeskunde, Universiteit Groningen
1996 Onderzoek en co-schappen op Curacao
2000 Klinisch onderzoek naar handeczeem, VU medisch centrum Amsterdam
2002 Specialisatie dermatologie, VU medisch centrum Amsterdam
2007 Dermatoloog in het Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis Amsterdam
2010 Skinject, praktijk voor injectables in Amsterdam en Haarlem
2012 – Dermatoloog, ziekenhuis Amstelland Amstelveen
2016 – PoliDirect
2016 – heden Praktijk Willeke Kamphof
Nederlandse vereniging Dermatologie en Venereologie
Domein groep cosmetische dermatologie
Nederlandse vereniging Cosmetische Dermatologie

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