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Revolutionary skin treatments


Around the age of 30, your skin starts showing the first signs of aging. A dermatologist has the knowledge and skills to proactively address these changes, treat existing signs of aging, and promote skin rejuvenation effectively.

Expertise, safety, & precision

With my extensive experience as a dermatologist, you can confidently expect a naturally beautiful result.

Willeke Kamphof – Aesthetic Dermatologist

At Willeke Kamphof, cosmetic clinic Heemstede, you are in capable and safe hands. Knowledge and careful consideration are the foundations of her practice. You can rely on her for straightforward advice that always considers each individual’s unique characteristics. Together, you’ll have a thorough conversation about your desires and the array of options available. All of the treatments are designed to enhance your unique strengths, ultimately aiming to improve your overall appearance and well-being.

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Popular treatments

Polynucleotiden: Juvenus / PhilArt

Revolutionary anti-aging treatment to combat signs of skin aging



Enhance your skin's firmness with the powerful combination of microneedling and radiofrequency energy

No needle


A genuine collagen booster that, unlike other products, promotes volume recovery as well


Forever Young BBL

A revolutionary skin rejuvenating treatment based on light energy

No needle

Profhilo® & Profhilo® Body

Achieve skin rejuvenation without altering your facial contours or adding volume, both for the body and the face


SkinPen – medische Microneedling

Addressing acne scars while simultaneously firming and smoothing the skin

No needle

New: Sculptra

Enhance skin quality and firmness by stimulating collagen production.

Sculptra is a remarkable skin rejuvenation solution, renowned for its ability to restore skin quality and firmness. It stands out by stimulating collagen production three times more effectively than other skin boosters and offers the unique advantage of volume recovery. This injectable has a long-standing history of use, experiencing a resurgence with an enhanced protocol.

The cost for a treatment with one vial is €600.

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    I've undergone four Profhilo treatments, and I couldn't be more pleased. Willeke, the practitioner, is a down-to-earth, honest, and delightful professional. She dedicates time to thoroughly explain and address any questions. Her expertise as a dermatologist adds to the overall comfort. In summary, I highly recommend it!


    Willeke combines exceptional expertise with a customer-centric approach. I initially underwent a CO2 laser treatment, followed by fillers, and the results were absolutely stunning.

    AnoniemFillers & CO2 treatment

    I've experienced various treatments at Willeke Kamhof's clinic, and her knowledge, transparency, honesty, and friendliness always impress me. In a market saturated with clinics, and hearing countless horror stories, I choose to travel the extra distance from my new residence to continue seeking care from Willeke Kamhof.


    I've been undergoing Profhilo treatments with Willeke for a while now, with sessions every three months following an initial treatment, and the results are truly remarkable. My skin feels wonderfully hydrated, and the treatments help restore the contours of my face. Approximately three months in, I notice the need for a new treatment, and the desired results are visible the very next day. What's particularly great about Profhilo is its absence of chemical additives, making it ideal for my sensitive skin. Willeke consistently accommodates appointments without extensive waiting lists, and her knowledge, down-to-earth approach, and honesty make her a standout practitioner.