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Cosmetic Clinic Haarlem (Heemstede)

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Aesthetic Dermatology

As we approach our thirties, the skin starts revealing the initial signs of aging. A dermatologist possesses the expertise to not only observe these changes but also to provide personalised strategies for slowing down this natural process, addressing existing signs of aging, and stimulating skin rejuvenation.

Populair treatments


An innovative treatment with polynucleotides to combat skin aging. Enhances skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, and improves skin tone.

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An advanced treatment combining microneedling and radiofrequency energy, delivering superior results over traditional microneedling methods.

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A classic and true collagen booster, generating three times more collagen than other skin boosters, while also capable of generating volume.

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A powerful skin booster formulated with highly concentrated hyaluronic acid. It stimulates the skin’s natural rejuvenation process without adding volume.

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Expertise, Safety & Precision

Thanks to my extensive experience as a dermatologist, you’re assured of a beautiful and natural result.

At Willeke Kamphof, you’re in good hands. Expertise and caution form the foundation of her practice. Expect candid advice, tailored to each individual’s uniqueness. Together, we’ll discuss your desires and available options. Every treatment is aimed at highlighting your personal strengths.

About the clinic


Laurens van BovenInjectables

What particularly resonates with me is that amidst the somewhat obscure landscape of cosmetic physicians, she stands out as a dermatologist. Her expertise impacts every aspect of the outcome. She knows her profession.

J. RozenbroekInjectables

Willeke Kamphof is pleasant, skilled, and reliable. She provides advice without pushing extreme or expensive treatments on you. I appreciate that as a dermatologist, she knows what she's talking about; that inspires confidence.


Excellent service, expertise, and a perfect outcome. Willeke listens very well to your desires and honestly indicates whether it's possible. I myself have had a wrinkle and filler treatment, and the best part is that no one notices it.

Katarina van den BergInjectables tegen overmatig transpireren & fronsrimpel

With a botox treatment for sweating, Willeke helped me get rid of a tremendously embarrassing problem. Because of my trust in her as a doctor, I also dared to have injections on my face. I am very happy with the results.

Sandra SikkensInjectables

Sometimes growing old gracefully feels better with a little subtle help. “Subtle” is the key word Willeke can advise, and help you achieve this in a professional and relaxed atmosphere. Extremely satisfied with the results and services...


Willeke is highly knowledgeable, provides good and realistic advice. The aftercare is excellent. The result is very beautiful and natural.

Monica KosterBotox & Fillers

Willeke has treated my face several times with botox and fillers. Before each treatment, there's always time for a relaxed conversation about my expectations and the options available.

Susanne WaldauInjectables

When I considered trying injectables as an anti-aging procedure I was recommended Willeke. The result was incredibly natural and consequently I went on to having fillers, which has had a subtle yet visible effect, literally erasing...


Willeke is professional, relaxed, and honest. You can tell she knows exactly what she's doing. I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful (natural) result.


Highly skilled treatment. Result as promised. Even when the result wasn't immediately visible, it was clearly communicated beforehand. I'm already recommending her to colleagues and friends.


Willeke is extremely knowledgeable, precise, and understands her profession like no other. I trust her exclusively with my cosmetic procedures!


Ms. Kamphof assisted me well. Even after the treatment, I had telephone contact with her, and she helped me exceptionally well.

JantineOverige behandelingen

Personal approach, taking all the time to calmly provide information. Tranquil environment, avoiding a clinical atmosphere.

AnoniemOverige behandelingen

Willeke Kamphof is simply the best. She has 'the eye' and works with head, heart, and hands to achieve beautiful results.


Willeke takes the time during a consultation to explain everything thoroughly; she is knowledgeable. She advises based on the customer's best interests, not commercial interests. Very professional.


Zeer goede uitleg gehad over de behandeling. De uitoefening was perfect tevens de nazorg. Kortom prima


Excellent personal guidance and aftercare. Provides honest advice, I am very satisfied and will gladly return.


Willeke truly takes the time to explain everything, and I am very satisfied with the treatment.

A.PlexR & CO2 laser

The fact that the clinic is run by a dermatologist instills a lot of confidence. The PlexR treatment was intense, but the end result was fantastic. I highly recommend the CO2 treatment (for the neck) to everyone.


Willeke is honest, clear, knowledgeable, and reliable!! Moreover, she's just a very pleasant person. I was well-assisted and received honest advice about skin improvement (acne scars).

BiancaCO2 laser

The CO2 laser skin tightening had a very positive effect. Very satisfied. Excellent treatment. Very friendly. Excellent follow-up care.


Treated very kindly, and questions answered within an hour via email after the treatment. The aftercare was excellent, and without any issues, an additional free treatment was provided to touch up some lines.


Impressed by Willeke's professionalism. She takes the time with you and offers honest advice. There's no pushing for anything; rather, she's cautious not to overdo it. I was extremely pleased with the outcome!


What makes Willeke so great, as recommended by friends, is her exceptional ability to listen to my desires since I'm determined about maintaining a natural appearance.


She takes the time and truly knows her stuff. I've been a satisfied customer for a long time!


Willeke's precision in her work is truly remarkable. She takes in the entirety of your face and offers candid advice. Having visited her multiple times now, I can confidently say she's the best cosmetic doctor I've ever encountered.


Willeke is trustworthy and highly skilled. I wanted to do all sorts of things, but she pointed out that I didn't need any of it. That was a first for me. Ladies, let's admit it, you don't hear that often, at least I don't.


I am always very satisfied with the results. It always looks natural and never overdone. What I appreciate about Willeke is that she sometimes takes a step back and does not agree to a procedure.


Last week, I had a filler treatment done by Dr. Willeke Kamphof. I chose this practice because Willeke is a dermatologist who has also specialized as a cosmetic physician. It was a good experience.


Personal approach. Realistic prognosis regarding results. Professional.


You immediately feel at home, as if you're visiting a good friend.


No need for further explanation, I can confirm everything written above. I hadn't checked any reviews beforehand. Her demeanor and the fact that she is a genuine doctor (dermatologist) left me with no hesitation.


Very pleasant and knowledgeable explanation and treatment. I appreciate that Willeke is a dermatologist and therefore has a lot of expertise. She is also very thorough in her approach, I would definitely recommend her.

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